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Shankarlal Public School

S.P.S for boys and girls striving for the promotion of academic excellence among its students in global context. The prime object of the school is to develop creative thinking among the students by understanding international developments through Indian view point and resources.

For this purpose, the task of personality development of the students, is undertaken on priority basis through various useful activities including Yoga, Dance, Drama and other extra and co-curricular activities. By organizing debates and quiz programs, the school endeavors to equip the students with latest knowledge and creative excellence. The psych scientific treatment to the students is given utmost importance, which makes the school as the only center of unique characteristics. Special care is taken that the students are exposed to the following.

  • Indian heritage and way of life.
  • India's impact on world culture.
  • Relevant instructions of the Vedas, the Bhagvad Gita, the epics and the Yoga Shastras.
  • Contribution of Great sons, Sages and Scientists.
  • Foreigner's view as to Indian way of life.
  • Understanding of India's external values in the context of modern society.